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As a showcase of our products, and to create a conversation with our customers and within the industry, welcome to the Gavarnie website.

We are a traditional producer of olives and extra-virgin olive oil, capers and caperberries, in the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges district of central Victoria. Our farm is 20 acres (8.5 Ha) with 250 olive trees and 100 caper plants, some pistachio, almond and, very recently, some black Tasmanian truffle oak trees.

As one of the few growers of capers and caperberries in Australia, we’re looking forward to bringing to you a fresher, higher-quality product to your kitchen. Just like our extra-virgin olive oil, all our produce is grown locally. Also with our capers, we don’t ‘preserve’ ours in heavy amounts of salt, meaning you don’t have to wash-away the flavour to enjoy them.

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to get in contact with us, either by leaving a message, sending us an email, and joining us in a conversation on Facebook.

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