Introducing our products

from our Australian farm to your kitchen

At Gavarnie, our heritage is our quality extra-virgin olive oil, produced on our farm in the prime Pyrenees district in central Victoria. Along with olives, we also farm and produce plump and juicy delicious capers and caperberries.

Gavarnie Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Gavarnie Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Made from the finest Australian olives, our extra-virgin olive oil has a firm, robust flavour, featuring notes of toasted almonds and green grass aromas with hints of black pepper…

Delicious Gavarnie Australian Capers

Gavarnie Australian Capers

Gavarnie are proud to grow and produce capers here in Australia, delivering to you a better-quality ingredient that are a delicious addition to salads, fish and many chicken dishes…

Delicious Australian Caperberries

Gavarnie Australian Caperberries

A delicious addition to an antipasti platter or a one-bite appetizer, Gavarnie Australian Caperberries are a premium fresher product compared to soft imported varieties…

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