Tastes of the Mediterranean

with Australian, home-grown quality

We grow our key ingredients in Ampitheatre, Victoria’s prime Pyrenees district.

The Gavarnie farm

Approximately 150 km north-west from Melbourne, the area is known for its sweeping views, and is an ideal growing region for olives because of its fertile soil and perfect rainfalls.

The Pyrenees foothills and ranges, a southern extension of the Great Dividing Range, creates a remarkable diversity of microclimates providing a wealth of variety for us and many neighbouring winemakers.

Known for its many lush rolling hills and tremendous scenery, the Pyrenees is known as the ‘natural garden of Victoria’ which makes it a very popular Australian tourist area.

About the Gavarnie name

Our name is a homage to Gavarnie in the Haute Pyrenees of southern France. It lies up the mountain from the famous professed healing town of Lourdes.

The road to Gavarnie is spectacular and steep and ends in the town which has been well known for centuries as a holiday retreat in both summer and winter. Its remarkable fame comes from the spectacular natural Amphitheatre formed by the peaks around it.

A good friend who visited us while we were trying think of a name for our property and label suggested it because of the co-incidence of names around us. We are located in the Victorian Pyrenees district and, like the real Gavarnie, just outside of Amphitheatre, a town named for the nearby natural feature … though not quite as spectacular as the real thing.

I urge you to put Gavarnie on your European itinerary. These happy co-incidences made it an obvious choice for us. See the splendour of Gavarnie, France.