About Gavarnie

and our range of quality products

Gavarnie is a traditional producer of olives and extra-virgin olive oil, capers and caperberries, in the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges district of central Victoria. Our farm is 20 acres (8.5 Ha) with 250 olive trees and 200 caper plants, some pistachio, almond and very recently, some black Tasmanian truffle oak trees.

Gavarnie sign at the farm

The size of our olive grove was determined by the average number of trees in a traditional family business in Italy and elsewhere in southern Europe as the optimum size to be easily managed by the family. Enough to produce a reasonable crop yet small enough to be able to attend to the trees without the large investment in machinery now commonplace in the farming industry. Consequently, our trees and bushes are hand-pruned and the fruits are hand-picked. We have the time to give our plants attention in an old-fashioned way.

Our philosophy is to produce a superior hand-made product without the highly-refined processes of modern food production, akin to what you might buy at the farm gate of a small producer in dozens of villages along the coast of the Mediterranean between Spain and Greece; produce that represents a time of a simpler life where taste and freshness were more important than high volume, low cost, mass production.

The Gavarnie farm

Our aim is not to get rich but to enjoy what we do, the lifestyle it affords, produce the best in what we do, and hopefully share that with you. We hope you will also find it tasty and different from the rest. We want you to know that our produce has been handled by human beings not by a factory, from the ground up, into the bottles and jars.

Our destiny is to produce olive oil in the traditional manner of thousands of years of human history in the Mediterranean, so that we can taste it exactly as they have throughout all those centuries, not how it has become in the last 50 years – highly-refined, over-filtered and lacking in any individuality whatsoever, sold on supermarket shelves in tens of thousands of litres.